To Kisii County Governor, H. E James Ongwae


By Okeri Nyabuto

I salute you,your Excellency.You are a man of many titles. A man of many titles in my worldview is a clear indication of a man who is more learned, more exposed and most favorable among his peers. That is the caliber of a man we patiently queued to cast a vote for to steer this great county. A county which in my own opinion is the county, the only county.

One fact is for real in your life your excellency-whichever way history will be written, from whatever angle, using whichever ink, by whatever hand, either that of a friend or enemy-you will forever be the first governor of Kisii county and to a larger extent the first president of Omogusii. Even my good friends from Nyamira agree with me. No one can snatch that title away from you on earth, the grounds beneath even those above.

You are to us what the Biblical King Soul was to the Israelites. It is from your spectacles that we shall look, see and observe the new kid in everyone’s lips-DEVOLUTION. Your war will be our war, your win our win, your triumph our triumph too. Your loss, I tremble as I say, will be our loss too, unfortunately. Put better in finance terms, your Excellency, we have invested in you-our shares hope to court worthy dividends.

This kid who for now is a mirage and appears murky shall be seen clearly through a mirror during your reign as the first governor or shall remain a shadow that we shall chase after as a people in futility. Your excellence, Honorable, Governor, Sir, being the first comes with its ‘egetonga’ of expectations. In its equal measure, served with the right amounts of the dark greenish ‘obosontoto’, are a myriad of challenges

My unripe age may not allow me to know much but two or three incidences serve to remind me of this barefoot fact. We as a people hold our first in excessively exaggerated regard and have highly rated minimums for those we look unto. Quite a good thing when the hopes are placed on the hearts of the right people;the break of a dawn, the unfolding of a new beginning. However, it is quite sulphur lethal when it is the wrong people; hopes wither and dreams are buried. Your Excellency, with guarded optimism, you belong to the former class. We too as the denizens of this county belong there.

Back to my two incidences your Excellency I know of a family in one of our humbly growing villages where the first born pursued teaching as his career and ended up influencing three of his siblings into the noble profession. Only one avoided the chalk.

same can be said of villages that upon the admission of the first student into University saw the flooding of more students from the same village into various universities.

One would be tempted to think the first entry was the long awaited magical prescription to enhance good performance. Your Excellency, any first has a strong magnetic attraction towards it. I know the advantage of age you have over me has rekindled very vivid examples that serve to add weight to my case.

Simply put,the direction that the destiny of our county will take lies greatly and to a large extent on how you sit on the adorable, most respected stool of honor on our land, how you decide to put on the hut of reverence and what stories you would want us to tell and retell to them that will be our grandkids about your tenure at the helm. I would love to tell the best of you your Excellency. How you made our county, Kisii County, the only county .I am ready and more than willing to tell this story. One request-enable me to do it. Get me the story and I will be your storyteller.

Get me a good story that will make me the best storyteller. Do the much you can, the best you can, the good you can, the right you can-for the good of the county. This is all we request from you so that we can have rich stories for those that will come after you.
So that your name will not only be on our lips but that it may be written on the bowels of our hearts. That you, James Ongwae Omariba, will be our epitome of what makes a good leader and your tenure will be our hallmark of progress, development and prosperity.

This is my plea to you your Excellency. This I believe is also the cry of the many Kisii residents. The young man at Tabaka who wakes up in the anger of the chilly morning to hit hard against the bitter rocks (soapstones),only to be exploited by selfish middlemen, shares too in this plea.

The mammoth of women at Keumbu who descend upon vehicles burdened with bundles of sugarcane and bananas, like a flock of ants descends on a crystal of sugar no sooner than it has hit the ground all in the hope of making a sale, share too in this plea. The many farmers who take their porridge after tilling their over-partitioned small pieces of land too share in this plea.

The school going children with tattered uniforms and their books wrapped in stitched polythene and their feet hitting the hard ground bare, share too in this plea.

This is my plea, our plea-that you will do the very best of us, for the good of us, for the well being of our only cou: YOUR EXCELLENCY GO!!!