WHY I prefer dating A Lady OLDER THAN ME


By Naftali Mosioma Intimate relationships come with a passionate, irresistible affection for someone………LOVE. Only mature, fully-brain-developed ladies have this kind of true love. I mean those that are aged between 25-35 years. Older ladies come in a package; a treasury package and it’s rare to have one. 1. THEY ARE ROMANTIC. These ladies know what […]

HOW to DATE A GIRL Born in the 1990s


How to date a girl born in the 1990s By Silas Nyanchwani Is it just me, or it is actually scary to imagine that a kid born in 1997 is now old enough to have a national ID? As in a kid born in 1990 is now 25 years-old, some are actually in meaningful employment […]

Bogonko Bosire: The LEGEND Of Jackal in the Wilderness


By Shem Beverton Mukalo It was a dark day that saw a nation reel in shock and disbelief as islamist militants run riot,indiscriminately unleashing deathly terror on a high-end mall teeming with expatriates and the creme-de-la-creme occupying the high rungs of the social ladder. In the confusion that ensued,a soft underbelly was viciously exposed for […]

OUTRAGE: Police took Obscene PHOTOS of the high school female students’ SEX ride to Nairobi


WARNING: Police took naked photos of girls for allegedly hiding bhang, cigarettes and matchboxes inside underwears>>> this is unfair and it should be CONDEMNED The shocking story of 40 students arrested while having sex on a Nairobi bound bus and also ‘high’ on bhang continue to expose the changing world of secondary education. Police found […]

HOW Married Men are CONNED by Campus Divas


By E Tundura via FB My pal and I are sitted at our usual joint Kwa-Lucy, three tables away, hidden and on your way to the urinals is another pal of ours known as Mike. He is with his Mpango wa Kando(MWK) embroiled in an animated conversation. It has been over an hour now and […]