Election Of Senate And Parliament Speakers Confirm Uhuru’s Jubilee Alliance Is A Two Tribe Affair


By Micah Kigen [wpsocialite] The first steps by the Jubilee Coalition in their quest to assume power have confirmed our worst fears, that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are two politicians who lack nationalism and are out to build a government of two communities. When Parliament (National Assembly and Senate) first sat on Thursday, they […]

Kenya Has Gone To The Dogs! Prove Me Wrong!


By: George Morara [wpsocialite] May I re-confirm the death of justice and democracy in our country! A few days ago I wrote about the botched birth of the new baby and how the ‘doctors’ were working trying to save her life in Our Country’s largest Justice referral hospital ICU! It turns out, the ‘surgeons’ of […]

Uhuru Kenyatta’s election victory is upheld by Kenya’s supreme court

Kenyan election 2013

A supporter of defeated presidential hopeful and outgoing prime minister Raila Odinga confronts riot police officers before the court verdict. Photograph: Dai Kurokawa/EPA Raila Odinga accepts defeat, bringing to a close weeks of uncertainty following 4 March elections By:Jason Patinkin in Nairobi for The Observer, Saturday 30 March 2013 23.17 GMT [wpsocialite] Kenya‘s supreme court […]

Raila A Double Winner, Panache And Aplomb In An Epic Contest.


By: Eric Ng’eno [wpsocialite] Have you hung out with someone who just lost an election? Or worse still, have you ever lost an election? I do not mean those miniscule chama affairs; I want a real election with real stakes involved. A loser has the weight of expectations, the interests of his followers, the unacceptable, […]

Uhuru Salutes Supreme Court Judges And Promises An All Inclusive Goverment


[wpsocialite] President elect Uhuru Kenyatta has promised to form an all inclusive government, in a statement after the supreme court declared him a validly elected president Uhuru sought to downplay the division in the country. Here is Uhuru’s full statement My fellow Kenyans, As you are aware, the Supreme Court earlier this evening delivered its […]

Onyango Oloo: A Supreme Slap On The Kenyan People


By:  Onyango Oloo via Jukwaa forum. [wpsocialite] The Supreme Court has decided. It took them less than ten minutes, or so it seemed. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have been validly elected as President and Deputy President of Kenya. The Jubilee Coalition can go ahead and form the next government and rule Kenya for the […]

Uhuru and Raila To Be Notified Of The Ruling An Hour Before The Public


[wpsocialite] The Registrar of the Supreme Court has just finished addressing the media, and by extension, the entire country. She has said that the Supreme Court has retreated to deliberate on its ruling. She said that the Supreme Court will deliver its judgment, today, Saturday, March 30, 2013 “later this afternoon”, latest by 5 pm […]